M0NA Artist Spotlight #1 Nekro

Nekro has been an artist for 15 years focusing on fantasy art and has worked with some of the best companies and brands in his field. For example some companies are: Magic The Gathering, Konami, Sony, Fox, Marvel, DC, Warner, Bandai and Square Enix to name a few...

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From Zonted - Ioannis (greekdx) & Museum of NFT Art (M0NA): Collector Spotlight

Ioannis (greekdx) is the curator at the Museum of NFT Art (M0NA) and is one of the most widely beloved collectors in the digital NFT space. After a handful of months dipping his toes in the vast NFT ocean, Ioannis has supported hundreds of artists, collected over 1,200 NFTs, and is working on multiple projects to support the digital NFT art space...

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