Narcissus Gallery Presents: Rare Pepe Exhibition

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Rare Pepe is the FIRST spontaneous digital art project that ever happened on the blockchain. It is the precursor to Crypto Art and Art on the blockchain.

From “The Rarest Book” by Eleonora Brizi and Louis Parker

Rare Pepe Exhibition x Narcissus Gallery

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View at Narcissus in Decentraland


In celebration of Rare Pepe as the first art on the blockchain we will be featuring talks, panels and livestreams on Clubhouse and Twitter leading up to a 24 hour auction and exhibition with opening and closing events at the Narcissus Gallery in Decentraland with a voice chat on the TokenSmart Discord.

Narcissus Gallery and Partners are bridging and porting a large selection of original Rare Pepe’s from their native Counterparty blockchain into the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and want to elevate the awareness and historical significance of the project as well as allow for the history of this project and the community to be told.

Guest speakers will include Rare Scrilla, Joe Looney, Theo Goodman, Eleonora Brizi, Meme Conscious, Robness, Artnome - Jason Bailey, MLO and Fanny Lakoubay.

Hosts: Vertical CryptoArt - Micol, PepeCash Millionaire, MOTIVATE - Eric Spivak, TokenSmart - SandyMeows and Rizzle

Event Management: Lisa Kolb Media Production: Vertical CryptoArt Art by: Mr. Hansel and iuri kothe


Friday 5/21, Twittercast via VerticalCrypto 9am PST/12pm EST/6pm CET Featuring: Rare Scrilla, Artnome, Eleonora, Meme Conscious, Joe Looney, Robness

Monday 5/24, Clubhouse - Club NFTs.Tips 11am PST/2pm EST/8pm CET With Music by DJ Pepe hosted by Pepe Cash Millionaire and MOTIVATE (Eric Spivak) Prize Giveaways/Raffle Entry Details Announcement

Tuesday 5/25, 10am-12pm PST/1pm-3pm EST/7pm-9pm CET at the Narcissus Gallery in the 100x District of Decentraland streamed to the TokenSmart Discord: Featuring live music by DJ Pepe, Gallery Tour, Auction, Panel, Raffles and Prizes

Wednesday 5/26, Clubhouse - Club NFTs.Tips 1pm PST/4pm EST/9pm CET Streamed on TokenSmart Discord/Twitter. Music by DJ Pepe, hosted by VerticalCryptoArt with Theo Goodman closing out the auction

Rare Pepe Auctions

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Rare Pepe OG Interview

Vertical Crypto Interviews Rare Scrilla, Artnome, Eleonora, Louis Parker, Joe Looney and Robness about the history of Rare Pepe, the first spontaneous digital art project on the blockchain